I'm Josh. I'm a web developer and a software engineer. Also, I like dogs.

In the daytime, I'm a front-end engineer at Vox Media. But when the sun sets, I'm a comedy enthusiast, a co-host of Above the Fold Podcast, and a soundtrack nerd.

I’d be happy to talk to you about pretty much anything, but here are a couple suggested conversation topics:

You want to talk?

It’s probably easiest to reach¬†me through Twitter or at jplhomer@gmail.com. I’m also on Facebook and Github. If all else fails, send a raven, Game of Thrones style.

How to Share Snapchat Stories on the Web

Have you ever wondered why it’s not possible to share Snapchat stories on the web? My wife and I make weird, goofy Snapchat stories. Like really weird. I’ll be honest – most of the time, they are weird enough that I’m happy they’re gone after 24 hours. But sometimes, it’s nice to hit “Save” and […]

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